• Having trees around a green shack

    Having trees around a green shack

  • Growing tomatoes in a green shack

    Growing tomatoes in a green shack

  • Green shacks in Mexico City

    Green shacks in Mexico City

  • Some common myths about solar energy

    Some common myths about solar energy

  • 5 Things You Should Know About Windows Farming In a Green Shack

    5 Things You Should Know About Windows Farming In a Green Shack

  • NSync Dance is arranging a greenhouse party

    NSync Dance is arranging a greenhouse party

  • Solar cooker for a green shack

    Solar cooker for a green shack

  • Solar panels for a green shack

    Solar panels for a green shack

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  • Should You Keep Plants in a Green Shack?

    Living in a green shack is a green way of life. So, if you want to live completely green, you need one more thing. You need plants. All plants are linked to the healthy environment and a healthy planet. Sadly, we don’t use them a lot. But, a green shack is the perfect place for them. Beside…

  • Green Alternatives That You Can Try This Summer

    During the summer, we are happier. This means that we can do more things, because we have better motivation. Because of this, it is the best time to start living green. There are many alternatives. All of them are interesting and useful. However, there are some alternatives that can affect on your…

  • Steps to Greener Computing

    Many people want to live green, but they don’t know what this really means. The main idea is to live without using energy. It sounds hard, and it is. But this lifestyle has many benefits for the environment. Also, you will have more money, because you don’t use energy, but it is less…

  • Make your home energy efficient the easier way

    One of the easiest ways to reduce your contribution to the global warming and make your home more energy-efficient is to know about green living. Whether it’s your own home or a rented one, when you talk about being energy-efficient, you can always reduce your water, sewer bills and…

  • Tips To Start Living Green

    Going green has acquired the shape of revolution and it has become a progressive social movement today. Increasing numbers of people are realizing the importance of living green by using environment-friendly items and doing eco-friendly works. Human beings have started exploiting the inexhaustible…

  • Understanding Green Computing

    In 21st century, when innovations are happening in every field, Green Computing is also gaining its importance. It is nothing but a practice of doing business, gaining profits without harming the environment. Most of the wastes from electronics is disposed of in an effective way, without harming the…

  • Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine Car

    Green gadgets are very popular right now. Every child has one or he wants to have a green gadget. All of them use solar power or some other renewable power source. They are the best because they can great fun, but they do not cause any pollution at all.  One of those gadgets is the Salt Water…

  • Papaya Leaves Treat Dengue And Malaria With Ease And At Absolutely No Cost

    Mankind has not had modern drugs and medicines all along, and there have been successful treatments of diseases ever since using Nature's help. It is always better to resort to Mother Nature for help because this way, you can be sure of not getting into any kind of side-effects. Nature has a…

  • Futuristic Green Concept for Buildings

    According to numerous research and collected data, indoor air is polluted. This isn’t a secret. But, researchers found that over the last 50 years, this pollution has been increased. Even worse is the fact that this pollution is going to be increased in the future. The only solution we have…

  • Green changes that will help you save money

    We all know that money can be a problem sometimes. Because of this, many people believe that green living will be bad for their budget. Actually, green living is completely opposite. It can help you save money. All you need to do is to make certain changes in your life. We can call them upgrades.…

  • Make your own deodorent

    We live in a "green" world today. Individuals need regular items without all the contaminants. This is particularly valid with individual consideration items like shampoos, cleansers, toothpastes, and antiperspirants.  With antiperspirants there is a worry about the security of the…

  • Eco Drive Monorail

    EDM or the Eco Drive Monorail is a concept that should change the way how we travel. The idea is to use two trains, one above the other that move in opposite or at the same directions. Trains will be eco-friendly and they won’t cause any pollution at all. Beside this is good for the…

  • Why It's Too Early to Deem Coal as Clean Energy

    The topic of environment-friendly extraction and industrial application of coal has been gathering steam in political circles. But realistically, clean energy from coal is probably farther beyond reach than the grandest pipe dream. Here's why: The technology to clean up coal use is still very…

  • Pick Up A Solar Cooker To Cook Your Food If You Are Really Concerned About The Environment

    A solar cooker jumped into our world when we realized the enormous potentials of sunlight remain untapped, while there is a continuous soaring need for energy. While conventional sources of energy like fossil fuels do offer some relief from the increasing demand, it cannot be met completely by…

  • When and how much you should water your lawn

    Watering your lawn isn’t a very simple task. Actually, you can do it when you want it, but you can make a mistake. If you water it too much, your lawn will develop mold and it won’t look very nice. If you water it too little and in the wrong time of a day, it will die because you…

  • Solar Panels and Its Advantages

    Since the expanded attention to Global Warming, individuals have turn out to be more open to the thought of discovering renewable wellsprings of vitality to alleviate the natural issues the world is presently confronting. Among the renewable sources proposed was the utilization of sun oriented…

  • Lake Mead’s Water Levels Are All Time Low

    The United States is going through serious water crisis. The California droughts reveal about the horrors of the climate change to the country. The river pollution and low ground water levels are not only the problems of the developing world anymore. The largest reservoir in the states is under…

  • New concept of air conditioner

    Indoor pollution is a serious problem. In fact, it is more dangerous than outdoor pollution. There are many causes of it. But, there are many solutions that should solve this serious problem. This concept is made from organic foliage. It is integrated into the air conditioner. Thanks to the…