• How you can upgrade a green shack

    How you can upgrade a green shack

  • Outdoor wood protection

    Outdoor wood protection

  • Personalize the interior of a green shack

    Personalize the interior of a green shack

  • Water containers in a Green Shack

    Water containers in a Green Shack

  • Green Shack Flooring

    Green Shack Flooring

  • Green Shack on water

    Green Shack on water

  • Can a green shack be a permanent solution?

    Can a green shack be a permanent solution?

  • Could green shacks be useful in Manila, Philippines?

    Could green shacks be useful in Manila, Philippines?

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    Solar energy and solar panels are probably the most important discovery we have ever made. They are not something very futuristic, but harvesting free and usable energy is good and useful. Sadly, all solar panels have the same problem. All of them can harvest energy only when the sun is shining on…

  • Maintenance tips for your electric or hybrid car

    Electric cars are probably the best way to save the planet. They are also good because they don’t need maintenance. Actually, they need, but it is very little. On the other side, hybrid cars aren’t so good for the environment, because they have an electric motor and a petrol engine.…

  • This is Why You Should Have a Cup of Green Tea Every Day

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    From hundreds of year, people are using herbal products to increase the taste as well as health benefits. Now the availability of information is easy, everyone understood the health benefits of herbal products, due to which consumption of herbal products in increasing day by day. The consumption of…

  • Vindskip, a sailing vessel

    Many designers, companies and manufacturers are making vehicles that use solar power or wind for movement. The goal is to make a vehicle that is eco-friendly and doesn’t make any pollution. As the result, we have many cars, bikes and similar vehicles that use clean energy. But we don’t…

  • Eco-friendly accessories

    You just bought a perfect clothes that make you look great. As usual, you don’t want to stop here, you need accessories. There are many of them. All of them are interesting and can make you look better. One of the most popular accessories is handbags and purses. The good news is, there are…

  • LivingLigh

    Green gadgets and solutions are so interesting that we can say that in the near future our lives will be completely different. At this moment, we cannot tell how our life will look like, but we can guess. I believe that the latest concept, called Livingligh will be mandatory. In general, this…

  • Navia, an unmanned electric vehicle

    Because more and more people realize that big cars with big petrol engines are bad for the environment, there are many alternative ways of the transportation. The good side is that all of them are green. But even more important is the future of public transport. As you already know, busses, taxies…

  • Green living guide for boaters

    Maybe you believe that huge tankers and oil-covered seas are dangerous for our planet. The truth is, yes, they are, but even more dangerous is boating as a hobby. Many things related to boats are dangerous. Starting from carbon emissions to the cleaners. All of them can be dangerous for flora and…

  • Electric bike that uses hydrogen fuel

    New and green gadgets and vehicles are more popular each day. This means in the near future they will be even more popular. Because of this, many car, bike and motorcycle manufacturers are trying to make the best and the most efficient way of transportation. We already have many types of electric…

  • Save the planet with second hand consignment

    Green living is a wise way of life. Basically, you can save money and save the planet with changes in your lifestyle. One of those changes includes use of second-hand clothes. In the history, parent gave their old clothes to children and older children gave it to their younger brothers and sisters.…

  • Bike Washing Machine

    Everything that is good for our planet is good for us as well. The latest concept that is good for you saves energy and is efficient is Bike Washing machine. Basically, this is a very simple concept. You should exercise 20 minutes a day. The energy collected while you are pedaling is used to…

  • Energy checkup

    If you are one of those who are trying to save energy and to save the environment, but your energy bill is higher every month, there are some ways you can use to control your energy use. The first and the most important thing you will have to do is to perform a home energy checkup. Many companies…

  • Threat to ocean Life from human and climate change

    People are bringing on huge, irreversible harm to our seas and their natural life, which prompt a noteworthy eradication occasion, as indicated by another study. The discoveries, distributed in the diary Science, uncover that despite the fact that the human effects on ocean life have been less…

  • Bemoove

        Every car and motorcycle manufacturer is designing, producing or developing electric cars. This is a good thing. In the near future we can expect to see cars and vehicles in general, that are powered just by electricity. Also, this will completely replace those big cars with big…

  • Hazardous materials disposal

    The two most known hazard materials are engine oil and batteries, so they require special disposal. But there are many more. For example, all cleaners from the floor to the ceiling cleaners should be treated as hazardous materials. In fact, every product that contains words like: caustic, flammable,…

  • Climate Change To Blame For 75% Of Heatwaves

    According to a new study, Global Warming, since the Industrial Revolution is responsible for at least three quarters of the extreme heat which is being witnessed in some areas today, and almost a fifth of the unusual heavy rainfall that is also being witnessed in certain areas. Reto Knutti and…

  • Environment-harming tour guides to be banned

    Bangkok's ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will start blacklisting tour guides who are known to cause harm to the environment from National Marine Parks, Dapong Rattanasuwan, the country's Natural Resources and Environment Minister said on Tuesday.    He went on to…