• Cape Town’s Green Shack

    Cape Town’s Green Shack

  • How to Lead a Green Lifestyle?

    How to Lead a Green Lifestyle?

  • Wind turbines for home use

    Wind turbines for home use

  • Green Shack That Helps You To Enjoy The Pleasant Atmosphere On Seashores

    Green Shack That Helps You To Enjoy The Pleasant Atmosphere On Seashores

  • Choosing Eco-Friendly Products

    Choosing Eco-Friendly Products

  • Green Shack

    Green Shack

  • Green Shack Success

    Green Shack Success

  • Go green for your dream house

    Go green for your dream house

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    Reducing or avoiding the use of plastic bags while shopping is the simplest way in which we can protect our planet. In fact studies have shown that replacing plastic bugs with reusable grocery bags saves 100 billion single-use plastics bags every year, in addition to that it can also save you and…

  • Wave Power

    Our planet gives us so much, and for so long. It is time to start repaying that ‘’favor’’. Many people are trying to live ‘’green’’. This means to use Earth’s renewable and pollution-free energy sources. There are many sources of free,…

  • Why Opt for Eco Friendly Living

    As lots of people around the globe particularly those in the glamour and entertainment industry embrace eco friendly living, one wonders why such a way of life seems to be so popular. Eco friendly living means a way of showing a concern for the environment in which you live, in the course of…

  • Amazing Benefits of Green Living

    Green living is the most popular lifestyle that is being practiced in numerous parts of the globe. Such a way of life requires one to cut down on the use of artificial substances and products and instead confine oneself to a natural and a much more simple form of existence. To know more about the…

  • Well Known Aspects of Green Living

    If you want to live green then you are certain to be quite a healthy and happy person. More and more people around the world are taking recourse to eco friendly living given the rise in global warming. The following are some of the essential features of green living. Take Care of your Usage of…

  • Green Living That Paves a Path for Greener World

    Have you actually wondered the reason existing green living is essential? If you turn on TV or the radio or read newspaper in recent times, you will realize we now have problems concerning our world's environment. Today as our worldwide human population keeps growing, the pressure about our…

  • ‘‘Green‘’ cars

    Cars are very popular, especially among men, and very useful. But because they are polluting our planet, some people think that there are more bad sides than good about them. Maybe the solutions are electric and hybrid cars. If you think that they are the same, you are wrong. Hybrid cars have two…

  • The essence of green revolution

    Greenery is the sign of life and positivity, it creates the freshness to one’s soul. Plants and trees are the life of our eco system, but now with growth of population these life saving tools are been cut down for building houses. People are not realizing the danger they are creating for the…

  • Green Marketing

    There is no denying the importance of an eco-friendly tag in today’s world. Companies which are environmentally conscious are more respected by their consumers and have a higher domain in the market. Green marketing is a new technique which creates a long lasting impression on the consumer.…

  • The Magic that is in Green Tea

    Green tea is being studied by the medical community to determine its impact on fighting cancer, with initial studies finding that extracts from the tea may slow cancer growth. The American Institute for Cancer Research said studies have shown that antioxidants in green tea, including polyphenols…

  • Well Established Facts about Eco Friendly Living

    Eco friendly living or green living as it is popularly known is a form of existence that is embraced by most these days. One reason for this is the rise in global warming, which has triggered a sense of alarm in many developed and developing countries of the globe. Use of Solar Panels Green…

  • Staying Green While Heating Old Homes

    Older homes have a lot of history and character. When you take in the solidity of the walls, and the trim and details molded and applied by hand, you know that they were built with care and built to last. Unfortunately, when it comes to energy efficiency, older homes can leave a lot to be desired.…

  • Let’s protect our planet

    We can choose between many countries, where we want to live, but we have only one planet! Simply said, our planet gives us life. Instead of being grateful, we are destroying it, with our powerful cars and our factories that are not even needed! Every individual is responsible for destroying it. How…

  • Environmental Issues

    Although, we have just one planet, it looks like we don’t do anything to save it. We were responsible or we are causing now, many problems that are directly connected to environmental issues. If you think that just, big factories and cars are destroying our planet, you are wrong. The real…

  • Useful Tips for Eco Friendly Living

    Caring for your surrounding environment in something that you need to do, given the advent of global warming. More and more people are taking recourse to eco friendly living because of this environmental hazard. The following are some essential aspects of this way of life which you can keep in mind…

  • Proper Ways to Dispose Household Wastes

    The household waste materials may be a bit tricky dealing with. For instance, one needs to understand that different types of materials require different ways to dispose of them. Making sure this is well adhered to is the best way to protect the environment as well as everyone in it. A safe…

  • Marine Environment affected by rise in Shipping Traffic.

    Global trade is driving huge growth in ship traffic in the world's oceans, with four times as many ships plying now than in 1992. Evidence was also found of illegal fishing in protected marine areas, such as ships plying in waters around the Kerguelen Islands Marine Reserve in the Southern…

  • Protected Areas and the Economy

    At the World Parks Congress, a global forum that meet once in ten years, discussion on protected areas that drew more than 6,000 delegates from 170 countries meet in Australia this week. Forty percent of the global economy is based on natural resources, hence the need to maintain these natural…