• Green shacks in the world

    Green shacks in the world

  • Green shack and homeless people

    Green shack and homeless people

  • Hi-tech green shack

    Hi-tech green shack

  • How to repair your green shack

    How to repair your green shack

  • Health Benefits of Green Living

    Health Benefits of Green Living

  • Make earth a better place by initiating green shack

    Make earth a better place by initiating green shack

  • Eco-Friendly Shack

    Eco-Friendly Shack

  • Green Shack That Helps You To Enjoy The Pleasant Atmosphere On Seashores

    Green Shack That Helps You To Enjoy The Pleasant Atmosphere On Seashores

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  • Ecological furniture

    Have you ever heard for the ecological furniture ? If you wonder what is it, and what is its purpose, read this article.Wooden, environmentally friendly furniture is made of solid wood. The most frequent types of wood are oak, beech, ash and fir.A lot of you may wonder why ecological furniture ?…

  • Learn how to Get hold of Organic Clothes at the Best Prices

    Organic clothes, that is, garments which are made of natural fibers and dyes are much in demand these days as such clothes not only look beautiful but also induce great comfort in those who wear them. The organic clothes are also worn by people who are concerned about their natural environment and…

  • Green Living in an eco-friendly environment

    Green Living has different definition to different people. For most people, it is about living in an eco-friendly environment and staying responsible towards your surroundings as an individual in order to reduce pollution and carbon footprint. There are many aspects to green living which include…

  • How to live an eco-friendly life

    The planet Earth has a lot of natural resources like coal, petroleum and natural gas. These resources have vast reserves but by the rate they’re being used by the human population, they will soon finish. It takes a very long duration for these reserves to become replete with these sources of…

  • Stop using plastic bags

    If you think that plastic bags are very useful or that shopping without them is impossible, you are wrong! Shopping without plastic bags is easier and much better for our planet. Using a reusable grocery bags can save 100 billion plastic bags a year. Many states like California and Honolulu already…

  • Wave Power

    Our planet gives us so much, and for so long. It is time to start repaying that ‘’favor’’. Many people are trying to live ‘’green’’. This means to use Earth’s renewable and pollution-free energy sources. There are many sources of free,…

  • Toroidion 1MW

    The main idea of the electric car is to be cheap to run, eco-friendly and useful. These are the reasons why everybody of us wants an electric car. But, there is another type of people, who hate electric cars. The explanation is, electric cars don’t produce sound, they aren’t fast and…

  • Solar powered bicycle

    Bicycles are the best vehicle for the environment and you. Because they don’t make any pollution at all, their production is fast and cheap and they last long, they are ‘’healthy’’ for the environment. Because you use only your energy and muscles to move from point A to…

  • Green roofs

    The easiest way to save costs during the summer is to paint a roof ceiling in white. It is cheap but effective. If this an easy tweak is effective, imagine how planting gardens on rooftops is important. The first and obvious reason is that they bring back green to the cities. Because many cities…

  • Wind Power, impact on the environment

    Using wind for energy production is chap, clean and green! There is no pollution during this process, which means it cannot affect on global warming or the environment. It may look perfect, but there a few impacts on the environment associated with wind power generation. Wind power has the biggest…

  • Green living is a boon to the environment

    Homes, energy savings, and consumption of power everything contributes to the green living. Green living has been much of hype these days Most of the people around the world have understood the importance of green living. A person’s decision making contributes to the green living. These have…

  • How to play your Part in ensuring greenery

    These days, deforestation has become a major environmental concern. Forests are getting cut down to make more room for concrete jungles. Trees are cut down for their wood. Plants and trees are no longer grown in residential areas because plants can’t exactly be grown on concrete. In short, we…


    Pope Francis wants to make the environment one of its signature issues of his papacy. Over the past few years, Popes are known to not be infallible when it comes to science but Pope Francis is looking at correcting that. The Pope loves the environment and that’s why he took the name, Francis.…


    The Singapore Environment Council appointed Mr. Edwin Seah as its new executive director after a long search of perfect candidates. Mr. Seah officially took up his post on Thursday and is set to come up with new ideas that will guide the council in the right way. The former executive director of…


    Scientist have stated that there is a greater chance that the world will be 6 degrees Celsius warmer than it is today by 2100. According to the scientists, these rise in temperature has been brought about by the fact that we are increasingly emitting more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In…

  • Protection of water

    Water is one of the most important things for our survival. So every individual should make the smallest contribution in order to protect the water.We will tell you what you can do to contribute :1. You should rationally use water2. Use biodegradable detergents, because this way we will help…

  • Endangered Species Products Offered in Laos

    In the area called the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone located between Thailand, Myanmar and Laos, in the Laos region of Bokeo, tourists can buy products made from endangered species, like tiger meat or bear paws. The tourists are predominantly Chinese. There is an infamous resort complex that…

  • Trying to stop Global Warming

    It would seem that all the efforts of preventing the issue of Global Warming will go to waste. Mankind has been made aware of what is happening to the planet but still continues on with the acts of making what we all fear come to be realized.Pollutions in the air, land, water and earth is what is…